Three more "ten point holders” - this time at the site of UAB YIT Lietuva

September 2, 2020.  The first assessments at the Yit Lietuva UAB site did not disappoint - even three foremen demonstrated strong knowledge and skills worth 10 points: Artūras Siauka (Installation of gypsum board partitions), Arvydas Jasiulis (Installation of gypsum board partitions) and Vytautas Kuncaitis (Installation of rendered facades systems).With the newcomers, total 15  "ten point holders" are registered in the STATREG system today.

The best assessors of year 2019

December 27, 2019. At the end of the year the STATREG Administration selected the top five competency assessors of 2019 based on their activity, professional skills, quality of assessments, contribution to competency assessment exams drafting and communication with the employees being evaluated.

The top five is: Algirdas Auzbikavičius (Gargždai), Marius Jankevičius (Panevėžys), Saulius Aužbikavičius (Gargždai), Raimondas Zaborovskis (Vilnius), Linas Drilingas (Panevėžys)

Congratulations and wish the coming year is full of courageous ideas, new goals and success!

New BIM trainings and BIM competences for foremen

March 19, 2019.  We invite foreman and highly skilled (IV-V level) builders to register for new practical BIM (building information modeling) trainings.

In the training you will gain knowledge and skills which are necessary for building information model use in your work, you will be able to read, understand and follow digital drawings on your tablet or smartphone.

BIM competence assessment possible the same day after completion of the training.

Register to training

Evaluated facade installers

February 15, 2019.  STATREG competences assessors visited Ltd. „Rukvina“, which installs windows, doors and etc. facade elements, construction site. There was evaluated 9 workers, they will be issued a builder's cards.

All construction sector workers who have confirmed their competencies can get builder's card.

What is the Builder's card and STATREG? What benefits it provides?

Builder's Card is an integral part of STATREG registry, which stores information about person's competences, qualifications, workplace, experience and other important data.

STATREG is a register of competencies and qualifications for construction sector employees, a staff appraisal system, a tool for analyzing construction labour resources demand and a work time tracking tool.

statybininko kortelė statybininko amatas Inžinieriai

 Advantages for construction company managers and HR managers

Implementation of transparent and unified construction sector employees evaluation system will grant your company by customers confidence locally and abroad. Builder's Card scheme is an attribute of innovative leadership.

The principles of cost-effectiveness will be applied to the public procurement shortly. The presence of skilled workers would be one of such procurement criteria and the Builder‘s Card  could be one of the proofs of having them.

Builder's Card system is a necessity and the way to stay competitive in Lithuanian market.

Builder's Card system can provide an intelligent work time tracking connected to different levels access control at minimal costs. It could be a modern solutions for effective HR management and labour force planning.

This is an easy-to-implement construction workers motivation system that makes them raise qualification. Builder's Card is an easy and reliable way to get a good worker on board.

Advantages for construction workers and construction students

Builder‘s Card presents your skills the way employers understand. Skilled construction workers get better jobs and higher salaries.

If you are a multi - skilled professional, if you have EU-based construction worker‘s card, or you have acquired new skills at construction - show them on your Builder's Card. Lithuanian construction companies and customers rely on workers with a Builder‘s Card.

Just graduated construction studies and looking for job? Builders Card will help you find a job in construction!

Advantages for civil engineers

Civil Engineer’s Card will show up soon. In STATREG registry today you can find information about civil engineers training programs and register there.

Advantages for public procurement companies, for employees of different institutions, for the public

Builder's Card is the way to prove company employees skills and show preparedness to implement construction project. It‘s  a strong  argument  for construction companies involved into public procurement

 Builder's Card system helps businesses to provide timely information to the relevant public authorities.

STATREG registry provides an analysis of working labor demand in the construction sector.

Where the Builder‘s Card can be used?

 For person's identification, professional skills declaration and simple employment procedure.

 To demonstrate company's capability and professionalism for its clients or in public procurement.

 For efficient HR data management and workforce planning.

 For easy creation and development of construction workers motivational systems.

 For accountancy – as an intelligent work time tracking tool with minimal investments.

 For entrance control with different access levels which could be integrated into existing systems.

 To obtain construction workers demand statistics.

 To get information about construction industry trainings and seminars or register there.

How does  it work?

 Builder's Card can be obtained by all construction segment employees.

 Builder's Card is issued after the employee's competencies and qualifications have been assessed and /or the supporting documents have been submitted (diplomas, certificates, other EU-recognized documents or similar cards).

 Builder's Card data can be scanned from its QR code by smart phone or by tablet. Card data can also be retrieved by card reader connected to STATREG registry. Builder‘s Card  information  is securely stored and can be visible with the cardholder's permission only.

 Builder's Card is issued for a period of five years. Card must be renewed after the expiration date.

 If the additional competencies are acquired, new information can be recorded into builder's card without changing the card.

Builder's Card is issued and construction workers competence assessment is organized and  by Lithuanian Builders Association - an independent, non-political, transparent organization representing the interests of construction business in Lithuania, uniting 146 companies and organizations of the construction sector.